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Cabin Plans and Design Plan Book

~ Our Alaska cabin plan book contains over 40 great floor plans, including log home plans, larger cabin designs, & smaller recreational cabin retreats. For a sample plan from the plan book, click here to see the 24' X 28' Kenai Prince II cabin plans. Detailed construction plans are also available.

Purchase a $10 Plan Book, or create your own Superior Logs plan, or let us help you create or modify a plan! We can design to your ideas and land.

See some more of our cabin designs and floor plans >>>

Log cabin design plans

      A Plan book is *$10.00 (US) mailed First Class within the USA. We usually mail Plan books within 1 week of ordering. Call our office at (907) 345-3323 with your MasterCard or Visa information or send *$10.00 (+ $5.00 for shipping and handling) to:

      Superior Products
      P O Box 110469
      Anchorage, Alaska 99511-0469

      You can also purchase a plan book at shows or at REMAX PROPERTIES( 3350 A Street, Anchorage, AK; Monday thru Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm). There are over 40 plans ranging from a 16' X 20' recreational cabin to over 3,000 square foot homes in the book. The plan book is meant to give you ideas, not to make you buy our plans. It doesn't cost you more for a custom plan with our design service. A few, more detailed, plans are for sale on this web site.

      Plan information

      Use your plan, our plan, modify a plan (yours or ours) or we'll create a new plan for you. The end result is you should always create a plan & build according to your budget, needs & land topography. You should speak with a builder about the best construction methods for you & your land (views, Southern direction, slopes, easements, setbacks, codes, covenants, restrictions, well & septic locations, etc.) Do not purchase a fully detailed & engineered plan prior to owning your land unless you know it is exactly the home for you & that you can find the land to match the plan. You can purchase or create a preliminary plan showing floor plans & all side views (elevations) to be developed later or buy an existing plan & usually pay only a few hundred dollars. Many people email or fax us a plan cut from a plan book or magazine with outside dimensions to use as a guide. We can email you a PDF sample pland and estimated shell price.

      If you live in Alaska, we will design a Superior Logs or conventional frame building to your ideas and land for reasonable rates. Structurally engineered plans are included in our weathered-in shell package prices with a set of the engineers calculations plus a detailed materials list describing all shell package materials and where they are used in the building including extra materials.

      To modify or create a new plan, sketch your ideas with general outside dimensions, interior floor layouts, room sizes, door & window sizes & any other specifics. We'll quote plans from the sketch. We create preliminary plans for your approval showing all outside dimensions, side views (elevations), interior layouts, door & window sizes & many specific materials notes even when just purchasing our pre-cut Alaskan made Superior Logs package. Preliminary plans are the first plans phase showing floor plans & all side views (elevations).

      We make your preliminary plans in 5 to 7 working days for your review in 1/8" scale (11" X 17"). You can make changes if needed & we'll update the plans then provide you a log or weathered-in shell package quote. We have construction materials notes on our preliminary plans so you can energy rate, appraise & get most builder &/or subcontractor bids using these plans.

      When you're ready, we create builder's details in 5 to 7 working days & structurally engineer in approximately 10 to 15 working days. When completed, you receive 4 sets of 1/8" scale (11" X 17"). Our plans are reasonably priced. Full builders detailed & engineered plans are included in all our shell package prices!! Preliminary plans are included in all our log package prices!! Call for a quote for your Superior Logs building!! You, your builder or we can provide enough construction information for the preliminary plans to be affective.

      Purchase a Detailed Plan:

      Below you will find detailed floor plans and elevations of a few of our log cabin designs for sale -

      Plan prices are:
      - for plans less than 1,500 square feet - $39.00 (U.S.)
      - for plans more than 1,500 square feet - $49.00 (U.S.)

      Checks or money orders may be mailed to our below address, or VISA or Master Card is welcomed by telephone at (907) 345-3323.

      The price includes one set of 11"x17" scaled detailed plans and one encased AutoCad CD mailed First Class within 2 weeks in the USA. These plans are NOT engineered or construction ready. They do show quality details and construction methods. They may NOT be code compliant and it is your responsibility to check compliance with your local building codes.


      1. The 16' X 20' Cheechako Cabin

      2. The 16' X 24" Cheechako III Cabin

      3. The 20' X 24' Orca Cabin

      4. The 20' X 26' Kenai King Cabin

      5. The 24' X 28' Kenai Prince II Cabin

      6. The 24' X 28" Kenai Prince IV Cabin

      7. The 26' X 32' Susitna II Cabin

      8. The 26' X 32' Susitna IV Cabin

      9. The 26' X 36' Juneau II Cabin

      10. The 28' X 36' Eklutna II Cabin

      11. The 26' X 34' X 58' Baranof Cabin

      12. The 26' X 40' Aleutian Cabin


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